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This week I thought y’all would like to hear some about the Woodlands Inn and Resort — Charleston, SC’s only 5 diamond hotel and restaurant, and 1 of 3, 5-diamond resorts in the Charleston area.

Becky and I recently celebrated another year of being married and since my schedule has been tight with work, we decided to stay close to home. Her parents kept the kids and we headed up to the Woodlands Resort.

We arrived a bit early and were greeted by a very friendly staff, who told us our room wasn’t ready yet, but they offered us some peach tea and we headed to the pool. Great spot, surrounded by magnolia and oak trees. We found a couple of chairs poolside, and hung out and relaxed.

They came down to the pool about an hour later and we were taken to room 213, which was very well proportioned, nice high ceilings, really good linens and all of the things you would expect of a 5-diamond hotel room.

After we got settled in we had tea in the winter room (giant sunroom) at the Woodlands. I am not much for tea and crumpets(Becky loves that stuff), but I actually enjoyed it and the service was impeccable.

We headed back up to the room and Becky was kind enough to let me watch some college football, and we shared some champagne.

Our dinner was set for one of the later seating’s. When we arrived we were warmly greeted and sat at a table overlooking the terrace and fountain. The food was great, but the service was even better. You really are able to see were the 5-diamond comes from when it is time for the staff to serve you. I was very much impressed with Aaron, who took great care of us.

We did breakfast the next morning and received the same great service and a wonderful breakfast.

The only problem was it was too short a stay, but we are thankful for Becky’s parents willingness to keep the kids for us.

On a side note: The night before we went dined at Circa 1866, which is the restaurant that serves the Wentworth Mansion, one of Charleston’s other 5-diamond spots. I will have to say, stay clear of Circa, honestly, some of the worst food I have eaten in a long time and I am pretty easy to please. We have never stayed at the Wentworth, but I don’t think Circa is reflective of the high-quality the hotel is known for.

That is it for this week. If I can help any of you with luxury accommodation tips or real estate, just let me know…Bob