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Just finished up with Becky’s birthday. We rode down the coast for the day to Kiawah Island and the Sanctuary Spa.

This was the first time I have used their spa, Becky had used when she was 7 months pregnant with our twin boys(4yrs old), so her experience was somewhat limited.

Overall I would give the Sanctuary’s Spa a B, it isn’t as posh as some I have been to in Europe and Vegas, but it was nice. The attendants in the men’s area didn’t replenish water cups and ice towels, or even pick up used towels. Becky said the women’s side was much better and well managed. She said, her massage was one of the best she has had, so I think she would give the place an A. Overall the Sanctuary is a gorgeous beach side retreat and if you are in the Charleston area with some extra money, booking a stay is worth the coin.

We capped off our spa visit by heading to the oceanfront bar before we drove into Charleston for dinner. Note: a half day of in-and-out of steam room , sauna and hot tub doesn’t mix well with a vodka tonic

To finish her birthday we headed to hers and my favorite Charleston restaurant FIG (food is good) and as usual the place was packed. I had made a reservation 30 days out so we were seated right away. The food was outstanding. She started with lamb bolognese and I had a really tasty marinated baby eggplant and squash dish with pickle garlic. Becky got her favorite of suckling pig and I had the roast grouper, it all was great. They are on a roll at FIG right now. If you are in Charleston or coming to Charleston, check this place out. They take reservations 30 days out and if you want in, book early.

So overall I am told, I pulled off a good birthday for her. I have two years till her 40th, which she tells me better be big. I for one, am happy being low key on my birthday.