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Conde Nast and Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC just surpassed San Fransisco on Conde Nast annual list of top tourist spots in the USA. San Fran had held the slot for 18 years running. A few of the reasons Charleston got the nod, where its unique architecture, friendly people, world class food scene,...

Charleston, SC Accolades

Looking For A Fall Retreat? Charleston, SC was recently ranked as the #2 spot in the USA to visit for Fall by Travel and Leisure Magazine Some of the driving reasons besides the great weather are top notch restaurants, luxury accommodations and beautiful architecture....

Food and Wine Ticket Kick Off Party

Becky and I just wrapped up a great time at the Charleston Food and Wine ticket launch party for the upcoming 2012 festival. I will have to say this was one of the better food and wine deals we have gotten in on in a while. The event was held at the Charleston Harbor...