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Top Luxury Neighborhoods

Charleston, SC is full of luxury addresses whether that be in the Historic District of Charleston, the resort islands or some of the suburbs of Charleston.

What I have compiled for you below is a list of some of the best of the best. You will find my personal notes, a video of the area, and links to more information.

As always, I encourage you to call me, Bob at (843) 345-6074 or email me to discuss your individualized needs.

Sullivan’s Island is in my opinion, is the top-end residential island in Charleston. Several Hollywood celebrities and a few sports stars have second homes on the island. Very laid back place, with lots of luxury homes. If you want to be on a beach island, Sullivan’s is my top spot.

Isle of Palms, SC is home to some great luxury beach homes and the spot where the well know, Wild Dunes resort sits. During the real estate boom of the mid-2000’s there were a lot of high-end homes built here. If you are looking for a second home that has beautiful beaches and great proximity to Charleston and Mt. Pleasant be sure to tour Isle of Palms.

Daniel Island, SC is a great spot for those wanting a luxury country club setting with private golf, tennis, and aquatic center. Daniel Island Park is the highest end subdivision on Daniel Island, but you may also want to look at Smythe Lake Park on Daniel Island too, some of the homes around 11-acre lake are some of the nicest in Charleston — grand oaks.

Historic Charleston is awash with luxury homes that date back to the 1700’s. There are blocks and blocks of multi-million dollar homes. The Historic District by far has the highest concentration of million dollar homes in our area. I love looking at the old house, if you want to take a tour of the best of the best, please let me know.

Mt. Pleasant, SC is home to some really great high-end neighborhoods, below are a few of my favorites, the list below is by no-means all encompassing, as there are probably 20-25 neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant that have luxury homes, most are waterfront.

The Old Village in Mt. Pleasant is one of my favorite spots in all of Charleston. Becky and lived on Pitt St for a while and loved the location to the beaches and downtown Charleston. If you are looking for historic luxury homes, this may be a good spot to consider. Great schools too, for those with kids. Bike friendly and the area runs along the Charleston Harbor.

– On the heals of the Old Village my second favorite spot and probably the area in Mt. Pleasant with the most expensive luxury homes would be Olde Park. This neighborhood consist of million dollar homes only. A great spot to jump to Historic Charleston and beaches.

– Adjacent to Olde Park is one of the coolest neighborhoods you will see in the area. I’on has won all kinds of national awards for building and function. The homes are a mix of old Charleston meets Europe. I always run my higher-end clients through here. Beautiful architecture.

– Also in Mt. Pleasant you will find Hibben in Belle Hall. This is a neighborhood that is similar to I’on in architecture, but on a much smaller scale. Below is a video that I shot of a clients house that is for sale. The home is typical of what you will find in Hibben. Nice location to live — short drive to airport, beaches and downtown. Becky and I also lived here before the twins were born and loved it.

To get a sense of lifestyle in Mt. Pleasant, I also recommend you watch the videos below.

Please feel free to call me, Bob for a no-obligation tour of the area. 843-345-6074