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A stroll on the beach at Isle of Palms is much more invigorating on the day of the Sand Sculpture Competition. Having to park far away from the event location can be disappointing, but it is a great opportunity to see and experience the transformation of beach activity, and of course get some exercise.

Upon arriving at Isle of Palms, a good distance from the Spoleto event, the beach is sprinkled with sunbathers and swimmers. It is calm and relaxing and everyone seems to be enjoying the bright sunny day. Heading towards the Pier, the beach becomes more and more energized. The collection of colorful umbrellas is growing. There are people in larger groups on the shore and in the water. There are surfers mixed with swimmers, people playing ball, and those chatting as they try to find a good spot to settle into. Laughter and music fill the air as the children are running around chasing each other. There is yet more excitement at Beach Front. The Annual Sand Sculpture Competition is one of Piccolo Spoleto’s most popular events. In addition to those who have heard and arrived specifically to see the artists in action, it has caught the attention of all who pass by. Families and friends gather around to watch the teams prepare and mold the moist sand into their creative masterpieces, all the while anticipating the final results.

With only 37 teams, a drastic drop compared to last year’s 65, there is still plenty to observe and admire. Each piece had its own character and its own way of captivating attention. There were a few sculptures that needed more than just a glance to take it all in. That’s the beauty of the dimensions of building art in the sand. Gulliver Swimming, Micky Mouse, Cowabunga, Tubers, Oliver the Octopus are among many of the sculptures to be judged. The 7 categories for recognition decisions are Best of Children’s, Best of Young Adults, Best of Family, Most Creative, Best Architectural, Best of Adults, and Best of Show-Overall. Camp IOP, pictured above, captures what can be imagined to be a peaceful rest after a relaxing night by the fire. This art sculpture scene won 2nd place in the Best of Adults category, and after the exhilarating hours spent at the beach, this scene looks like the perfect way to end the day.

by Brennaman Team – Sharon Glazier

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